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Distributor Karlskrona

Location: Karlskrona

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Distributor Kalmar

Location: Kalmar

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Work as a distributor this summer in Växjö!

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Distributor Tollarp

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Distributor Sydöstra Skåne

Location: Ystad

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Distributor Kristianstad

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  • Wellness Compensation

  • Shoe check

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About the company

We at Point logistik are experts in last-mile distribution and are located in Borås–Sjuhärad, Växjö–Kronoberg, Kalmar, Karlskrona–Blekinge and Kristianstad–Östra Skåne. Our main mission is to distribute newspapers. In our distribution network, we offer companies services for the delivery of magazines, mail, and packages. Together with Early Bird, a company owned by Sweden’s largest media house, we deliver home deliveries to people throughout the country.

We want to be the local heroes that help e-tailers survive and simplify everyday life for the many people. We are also the local partner who helps others succeed and who knows our surroundings.

Our vision is to give people a better start to the day. It is also a vision that spins on our owner media group Gota Media AB’s ambition to be involved in creating a better society. A day starts well when the mailbox is filled with expectations, surprises, important items in the form of newspapers, mail, and packages. For distributors, a day can start well when your part-time work at Point creates opportunities!

Our values

We keep what we promise

We'll arrive on time. We deliver what we are supposed to. We find solutions. We look after the customer's needs. We plan our distribution without time optimism.

We protect each other

We show consideration in traffic. We collaborate with each other, our customers and clients. We take our environmental and climate work seriously. We protect local businesses. We act as an example for others. We act and treat everyone in a professional and respectful manner.

We express ourselves comprehensibly

We use simple language. We check so that others can understand. We check and ask if we are unsure.